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A Play of the Game (or PotG) is an action taken by a player in a match that is determined, by an algorithm, to be game-changing. Lifesaver - When a player kills or disables an opposing player which the latter had an imminent kill at hand, that player will then be given a "lifesaver" score. It's not the most translatable English you'll read this week, but it's a fascinating read if you wanted more granular info about how Overwatch's play of the game functions in principle.

Blizzard filed for a patent covering the Overwatch Play of the Game feature on Dec. One such feature is Play of the Game, which highlights each game's defining moment from the perspective of one player. It's similar yet unlike anything other shooters try to do, which probably explains why Blizzard are zealously defending it. As Unikrn reports, they applied for a patent for the Play of the Game system, and have officially been awarded one.

If you see Soldier 76 using his Tactical Visor, give him damage boost and if the enemy is attacking him, give him healing. However, according to Dot Esports , the patent does not cover the concept of a Play of the Game system, which means that other developers could still make highlight features.

Focus your healing and damage boosts on a player ult'ing. And while we should celebrate some fantastic killstreaks, it does have the aftermath of leaving other players to feel as though they aren't contributing enough. Significant time is spent adjusting the balance of the characters, making sure that new players would still be able to have fun while skilled players would present each other with a challenge.

Another option would be to have the supporting hero's part shown within the clip, but that could prove to be difficult given the small amount of time allotted to view a play of the game after a match. But try to do it more often—you'll learn to balance healing and damage-boosting over time.

Fans are suggesting Blizzard update the way the play of the game operates by giving proper credit to supporting heroes. Blizzard is taking the fight against Overwatch cheating seriously, which is why it has not backed down from banning players and suing cheat makers This is helping Blizzard maintain player interest in the multiplayer shooter.

Blizzard has applied for a patent for its ‘Play of the Game' highlights system, it has been revealed. While it's probably better for the integrity of Overwatch to focus on actually spectacular moments, I can't help but be a little sad that the unintentionally hilarious Plays of the Game might be going away.

Since the game released, Blizzard has acknowledged PotG's flaws, but they have done little to nothing to actually fix the games feature. These three classifications pertain to pulling of a string of successful shots, killing an enemy during their ultimate, and saving a teamate.

After that, "the game server scores the events according to a plurality of criteria corresponding to a plurality of play of the game categories", then pushes the clip with the top aggregate score out to all players in the match. We Overthink the hottest 15 seconds in video games.

So while Bastion and Hanzo might dominate play of the game from time to time with their ultimate moves, the balance could shift at any time based Overwatch Play Of The Game on any number of things. A sliding window” then passes over the recorded events, picking one category and then choosing the top player for said category before displaying a replay of the event selected.

It's unclear whether or not the 'Play of The Game' patent will make it so other games won't be able to use a similar system, or whether it will jut prohibit other games from using the same system. Players can then earn bragging rights by sharing the clip with their social media friends through a mechanism that has also been patented to Blizzard.

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